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Montreal Impact : Player Profile

Le chant du cygne pour Troy Perkins?

Est-ce que Troy Perkins sera de retour avec l'Impact de Montréal?

Should He Stay or Should He Go?

Since his arrival in Montreal in May of 2012, Marco Di Vaio has brought with him a trunk load of expectations.. some have been met, others haven't... with his contract about to expire, should the #IMFC re-sign the aging striker?

L'Énigme Felipe

Felipe Martins chercher encore sa forme et l'impact qu'il a eu en 2012 sous Jesse Marsch.

Gorka Larrea, chaînon manquant ?

Gorka Larrea est un élément important du dispositif de Frank Klopas au milieu de terrain.

McInerney is not a savior

Jack McInerney joins the Montreal Impact to add depth and goals to a club that needs options.

Justin Mapp: l'architecte du onze montréalais

Justin Mapp est un joueur important

Featured Fanshot

Jack McInerney talks to RDS [ Interview ]

The newest member of the Montreal Impact, Jack McInerney, is met by RDS at the airport for his first interview.

Mapp : Crescendo to Fortissimo

Justin Mapp is a key player for the Montreal Impact and he has proven it yet again as the 2014 MLS season started.

Patrice Bernier : Rampe de Lancement de l'Impact

Le nouveau capitaine de l'Impact de Montréal veut redevenir le leader offensif du club, un rôle qu'il n'a jamais perdu .. ou presque.

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If Di Vaio was a Literary Luminary: Salman Rushdie

A very nice piece by Top Drawer Soccer, in which a key contributor to each MLS team is compared to a Literary Luminary. Marco Di Vaio is... follow the link

Capitaine Arnaud: Un titre bien mérité

This past Wednesday, an interview by Impact Media with Davy Arnaud took Impact fans by surprise on social media. The Impact captain showed off his impressive progress in his newly adopted language. Inspired by this accomplishment, I too have decided

Life without Felipe: Brace for Impact

Felipe Martins was a shadown of himself for the first half of the season with the Montreal. His offensive statistics would not show that but one thing for sure, the Brazilian midfielder is in great form. How badly will the Montreal Impact miss him?

Marco et l’Académie Française : #Divayer

L’oeuvre de Marco Di Vaio fera-t-elle partie des évènements qui passe, parfois, à la postérité?

Marco Di Vaio Among MLS All-Time Best?

He has barely played 2 full seasons in Major League Soccer but Marco Di Vaio might be considered among the best and most influential players that has played in MLS.

Romero, mon Romero

Dans un monde où Marco Schällibaum serait un grand auteur de théâtre et où Andrés Romero serait le personnage principal de sa fiction, son histoire montréalaise se déroulerait en trois actes.

Justin Mapp : " Merci "

With yet another monster performance against the Houston Dynamo, Justin Mapp might just be fulfilling his potential with the Montreal Impact.

Di Vaio's 2-Goal Performance Symbolic & Important

Marco Di Vaio's 2-goal performance , against DC United, was important for the striker and his status among MLS' top goal scorers. But the symbolism of those goals were even bigger than just numbers on a scoresheet.

The Enigma, Which is Felipe

After an impressive start of the season with the Impact, this talented playmaker has yet to hit the form and consistency we had all hoped he would by now

Hernan: Mi Amor!

Une lettre d'amour à Hernan Bernardello, le 2e joueur désigné de l'Impact de Montréal.

3 Reasons Why Bernardello is Good for the Impact

We look at Three Reasons why Hernan Bernardello is good for the Montreal Impact, after only playing one game with the club.

Featured Fanshot

Matteo Ferrari : " L’AFRIQUE EST EN MOI "

Entretien exclusif de avec Matteo Ferrari , le défenseur globe-trotter de l'Impact de Montréal.

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Entrevue de Sanna Nyassi avec FootAfrica365

Mathieu Lemee parle a l'attaquant Gambien qui partage son experience MLS avec les Seattle Sounders et l'Impact de Montreal. On parle aussi des scorpions de la Gambie.

Marco Di Vaio: Doit-Il Rester?

Restera-t-il? Ne restera pas? Avec les rumeurs qui l'envoient à Bologne et une possibilité de prolonger son séjour en MLS, Marco Di Vaio est à la croisée des chemins.

Joey Saputo featured on Ep.4 of MLS Insider

In episode 4 of MLS Insider, Joey Saputo is featured alongside Nick De Leon and Cubans in MLS

City TV Features Jeb Brovsky: Inspirational

Jeb Brovsky is in the center of another feature piece and this one is probably the best one ever made by the Montreal Impact defender. He is as generous off than on the field, if not more. Alyson Lozoff of City TV and Sporstnet is behind this piece.

Daniele Paponi: Quiet Effective Signing

Daniele Paponi signing is part of cost-effective, soccer smart signings from the Montreal Impact. With a youthful enthusiasm and talent, the Italian striker will be key in the Impact's quest for playoffs and maybe even the MLS Cup.

The Wenger Identity

Grant Needham draws a blue print of what strikers are supposed to do to be successful and what Andrew Wenger needs to do to get to the next level.

An open apology letter to Justin Mapp

Read Giovanni Sardo's Mea Maxima Culpa as he apologizes to Justin Mapp and the reasons why the Mississippi-native turned it around to get some love back.

Justin Mapp: Managing Expectations

In 2012, Justin Mapp has not made the best impression last year. With better intentions and a new coach, 2013 might be the Year of Redemption for the left-fooed player.

The Lefties of the Impact: Not Just About Haircuts

From the the young and hungry to MLS veteran, the Montreal Impact have an interesting portfolio of left-footed players that can give interesting options for head coach Marco Schällibaum.

Marco Di Vaio Among MLS Stats Leaders: Goleador

Marco Di Vaio is no slouch and did not come to Montreal to get an easy paycheck. The Serie A veteran is bringing his skills and experience to the Montreal Impact that seemed to have signed a top player for MLS.

Featured Fanshot

RSI's Stories of Champions : Alessandro Nesta

RSI is the Swiss public broadcasting organisation in Italian. A crew was in Montreal for a few days to cover the Montreal Impact.


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