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Marco Di Vaio's 2-Goal Performance is more than just scoring goals

A must-win game turned in favour of the Montreal Impact after beating DC United 2-1. Di Vaio's 2-goal performance was important for the striker and his status among MLS' top goal scorers. But the symbolism of those goals were even bigger than just numbers on a scoresheet.

Jean-Yves Ahern-USA TODAY Sports

Magic is one word you can use to describe Marco Di Vaio's scoring touch. Both of his goals, against D.C. United, were once again a true symbol of his class, his amazing scoring touch and knack to score big goals. With 13 goals in MLS, Di Vaio is one goal away from league leaders Camillo Sanvezoo and Mike Magee.

Surprisingly enough, the Impact was only called twice offside and Di Vaio was the culprit. Actually, the word culprit is unfair but I used it intentionally. The running gag that Di Vaio was born offside was starting to get old earlier this season. As games went by, the chemistry between the striker and those that feed him was getting better and better.

Subsequently, Justin Mapp seems to be liked even more by some fans that were ,and some are still, having trouble accepting the left-footed midfielder as key and important to the club.

Shoot First, Ask Questions Later

Di Vaio's role is to score goals, one of the most obvious statements this season. Though his scoring drought did coincide with the Impact's winless streak. As the club got more predictable, Di Vaio's service suffered and do did his scoring. As Di Vaio goes, the Montreal Impact go.

With 4 shots on goal on the weekend, Di Vaio aka " Bomber" is getting back in his groove. There isn't a bigger boost for the team to see its best player running around, dribbling, breaking defenders' hips and scoring goals.

Rested Body , Rested Mind

I felt better on the field. During 2 to 4 weeks ,during which I was tired due to travelling and things that happened in Italy, It was not good for me.

it was better physically and in my head. I was happy that I scored 2 goals tonight.

Marco Di Vaio

Di Vaio was never the fastest striker out there, even during his heydays in Serie A. But he was feeling the physical and mental fatigue between family health problems in Italy or just the grind of the MLS schedule. As a 37 year-old, Di Vaio is in excellent shape, physically and mentally.

The off-season rest of 2012-2013 was the biggest difference compared to last year. A sharper Di Vaio is a dangerous Di Vaio. The Impact's plan to make Di Vaio its focal point was always crystal clear.

It must feel good when your plan gets a shine once in a while, just to remind you of the good moves the club has made.