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CF Montréal: Schedule Release and New Playoffs

More and more news as the off season begins to heat up!

Real Salt Lake v CF Montreal Photo by Minas Panagiotakis/Getty Images

The 2023 MLS seasons schedule has been released and we have some awesome games to look forwards to! Starting with opening weekend:

Then, we have a premier rivalry in MLS as CFM vs TFC is happening in May:

Then, we have the full schedule right here:

Ok, analysis time!

First, we have almost a moth for League’s Cup, and I’m not sure I like that. A whole month of another tournament with little incentive to go hard in. We’ll see if the juice is worth the squeeze as the league look for more revenue.

Second, May is going to be absolutely packed as the club has six league matches that month and could have heavy rotation.

Third, September could be the key month to be rolling in to form as the club needs to be ready to close the season strong. After the dog days of summer, the League’s Cup and general attrition, the club needs to make sure they are ready to go for that month.

One more thing I wanted to touch is the proposed new playoff format, which frankly is bad.

The report as highlighted above, would basically create a new system for the playoffs and I do not like it. A group stage playoffs with more games just demeans the regular season even more as if the month break did not do that.

Plus, the new system is just a huge money grab as the playoffs were fine before despite the single round nature of it.

Simplicity would be the key here. If the plan is in the future to have 30-32 teams, why can’t they do the top eight in each conference and go from there? There is no need to re-invent the wheel.

We’ll wait until it becomes official or does not, still keep it locked here as the off season begins to fire up!