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Montreal Impact : Player Profile

Justin Mapp: Managing Expectations

In 2012, Justin Mapp has not made the best impression last year. With better intentions and a new coach, 2013 might be the Year of Redemption for the left-fooed player.

The Lefties of the Impact: Not Just About Haircuts

From the the young and hungry to MLS veteran, the Montreal Impact have an interesting portfolio of left-footed players that can give interesting options for head coach Marco Schällibaum.

Marco Di Vaio Among MLS Stats Leaders: Goleador

Marco Di Vaio is no slouch and did not come to Montreal to get an easy paycheck. The Serie A veteran is bringing his skills and experience to the Montreal Impact that seemed to have signed a top player for MLS.

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RSI's Stories of Champions : Alessandro Nesta

RSI is the Swiss public broadcasting organisation in Italian. A crew was in Montreal for a few days to cover the Montreal Impact.

Felipe Martins : Far From His 2012 Form

Not expecting the same stats than in 2012, Felipe Martins' performance in 5 games has been disappointing. Positioned as a key player in the Impact's offensive schema, his performance will be important if not crucial to the club's playoff chances.

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The Designated Player: Patrice Bernier, the Socrates of Montreal

Another great piece by Graham Parker as he presents Montreal's own Socrates, Patrice Bernier.

Un Premier Bilan

Après une quatrième victoire de suite en autant de match, il n’est pas encore temps de se péter les bretelles mais on peut déjà tirer un premier bilan (positif) de ce début de saison, à commencer par trois joueurs sans qui cette équipe ne serait pas

Bernier: Chasser le Naturel, Il Revient Au Ballon

Après une très bonne 1ere saison en MLS, Patrice Bernier na pas nécessairement fait tourner la tête de tous les observateurs en Major League Soccer.

Hassoun Camara: Underrated, Valuable, Versatile

Why Hassoun Camara was and still is one of the most important pieces for the Montreal Impact. Why his performance should not be a surprise.


Justin Mapp pourra-t-il aller se débarrasser des préjugés de supporters et d’observateurs de l'Impact de Montreal? Le club semble croire en lui.

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Goalkeeper Perkins ready to lead

The goalkeeper is usually a leader on and off the field . MLS veteran ,Troy Perkins , is one of them with the Montreal Impact.

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Arnaud putting down new roots with Impact

From Kansas City to Montreal, Herb Zurkowsky talks about how Davy Arnaud embraced his trade to Montreal.

Marco Di Vaio : A 20-goal scorer in MLS?

Can Marco Di Vaio be a 20-goal scorer in MLS?

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Olivier Tremblay talks Nesta and the potential last year for the Italian Centurion

Is this the last year for the Italian Centurion? More on that by Olivier Tremblay of who is in Florida covering the Montreal Impact's preseason.

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Olivier Tremblay: After '12 injury, can Impact's Valentin regain starting spot?

Olivier Tremblay of talks about Zarek Valentin's upcoming and ongoing fight for the starting position at right back.

Biello Interim Head Coach for Italy trip

The Montreal Impact waste no time and confirm Mauro Biello as their interim head coach for the Italy trip and a new fitness coach.

Locker Room Audio

Jesse Marsch's Press Conference, Eddie Sebrango the minutes he was able to play at the season finale and Hassoun Camara about the season as a whole and his potential future with the Montreal Impact.

Is Mallace ready to be a core Impact player?

The MLS rookie, 2012 2nd round draft pick, has been learning the trade in practices. The natural midfielder has been slotted as a right back but his performance against Houston might has gotten him attention, the good kind.


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