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Montreal Impact announces changes in staff : Biello Interim Head Coach and more

The Montreal Impact waste no time and confirm Mauro Biello as their interim head coach for the Italy trip and a new fitness coach.

Ned Dishman

As previously announced in the midst of the amicable separation between the club and Jesse Marsch, a new fitness coach was hired to replace Adam Rochstein. Paolo Pacione is the team's fitness for the 2013 season. The new member to the staff has previously worked with the Canadian Soccer Association, in different mandates. He will be also coming to Italy.

Mauro Biello is the official ''interim'' head coach leading a group of coaches that includes Mike Sorber and Denis Hamlett. From the Academy side, Philippe Eullaffroy (U21 coach and Academy director) and Youssef Dahha are coming with the club in Italy.

Montreal Impact press release.