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''Parting Ways '' Press Conference: What is Fact ? What is Fiction?

What is Fact and What is Fiction from what came out in the press conference that saw the Montreal Impact and Jesse Marsch part ways.


1- Jesse Marsch's speech was in his style and tone?


I personally remember seeing Jesse Marsch read from a piece paper twice. When he was first introduced to the media last year, Jesse Marsch had a speech and read from it at the beginning. It showed that he wrote it or at least participated in it as it seemed natural.

What Jesse Marsch read on Saturday morning did not seem to come from him at all. The PR/Communication aspect is important for the Montreal Impact (totally understandable). But you could see the big difference in tone and body language when Marsch was reading from the script and when he was talking on the fly when thanking the fans and the city.

2- MLS/Euro Clash?


The talks of clashes/disagreements in the locker room between staff and the European players were most probably true and it makes sense in a way. Now what kind of tension was there and how much influence did Jesse Marsch have or not have?

Jesse Marsch had a natural tendency towards US players (Davy Arnaud, Justin Braun etc...) but the hic was that some choices were very debatable when we think of Braun being started a few times. The Donovan Ricketts' choice was the most debatable on the field as the 2010 Goalkeeper Of The Year did not deliver the merchandise, at all.

‘' I prefer not to comment on that ‘' was what Jesse Marsch answered when asked about his relationship with Marco Di Vaio and Alessandro Nesta. Di Vaio and Nesta being friends, their combined influenced must have been felt in the locker room and potentially not having their support was part of the downfall of Marsch.

Looking at this, we can start to question the recent trades and staff choices as not being Jesse Marsch's choice but more Nick De Santis' choices:

  • Tyson Wahl trade
  • Justin Braun Trade
  • Troy Perkins / Donovan Ricketts switcheroo
  • The switch to the 4-2-3-1
  • Etc..

The philosophical gap must have been quite big if both parties could not find middle ground to build a team with the same objective of winning.

3- Jesse Marsch had no MLS club coaching experience?


The Montreal Impact knew this from this start and wanted to lean on him as an ex-player of the league and his US National Team experience (World Cup 2012 assistant coach). With this obvious fact in hand, we get a feeling that Marsch was dead on arrival as soon as the club realized that their vision on players and style would never meet.

Maybe the gap between the MLS and NASL/USL is not that big in the Impact's view and feel that the organisation can do better without Marsch after the growing pains of Year 1.

4- The next coach of the Montreal Impact will come from Europe or with Euro-Flair :


The new head coach could still be American and have a euro-flair in the team's vision. The philosophical differences would be kept at a minimum but I am sure that a coach like Zeman would not necessarily fit the profile.

Alessandro Nesta's veteran presence in the team is almost coach. Nesta playing at central defense with that kind of playing experience makes him important in the link between the coach and the players. The 36-year old is not playing another 3-4 years of professional soccer so is he part of the solution in Montreal in the coaching staff?