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Montreal braces for Impact without Felipe Martins against the Chicago Fire

Felipe Martins was a shadown of himself for the first half of the season with the Montreal. His offensive statistics would not show that but one thing for sure, the Brazilian midfielder is in great form. How badly will the Montreal Impact miss him against Chicago?

Jean-Yves Ahern-USA TODAY Sports

Life without Felipe Martins sounds like a book or a romantic comedy that you would watch on Netflix while you snuggle with your loved one. For the Montreal Impact, Life without Felipe has an effect on the club's plan to prepare an important game against the Chicago Fire.

Choices are limited for Marco Schallibaum ,ahead of game against the Chicago Fire, but the lineup should not be a surprise. With Collen Warner back from suspension, montreal will probably go for a 3-man midfield. With Felipe's absence, more pressure will be on Justin Mapp and Marco Di Vaio to deliver and Chicago knows this. What options are available for Les Bleus?

When asked about potential changes to compensate Felipe's absence, Mauro Biello was clear that options are available for the club

We have different options. We tried a scenario today and saw some things. We will discuss afterwards what was good and what was not. We are confident in our choices.

How many options do the Impact really have? All clubs know each other by heart since mid-season. With 6-7 games left, depending on the team, there isn't much time to try new formations and such. Actually, the Impact do not have that many options with a bench that is only deep in numbers and not that deep in quality.

As the Fire have a game plan against Bernier & co., one must hope that Montreal is ready to take on a Chicago team that is trying to get into the playoffs, desperately. Rios and Anongono are new to the league but are already integrating the club quite quickly.