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‘The Good, the Bad and the Ugly’: Point Taken

Thanks to a few fortunate bounces and some nice play from the youngsters, the Impact escape Chicago with a valuable road point that further secures their playoff spot.

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The Good...

Wandrille Lefevre - The rookie defender more then held his own playing alongside Ferrari Saturday night. Often winning headers and getting balls out at key moments, Lefevre's performance showed  the organization that he can  be counted on to supply some badly needed depth  at central back.

Davy Arnaud - The captain had one of his better,  if not best performance of the season.  On top of making two key passes on both Impact goals, Arnaud gave a full 90 minute effort and made several key defensive stops. In the final six minutes of the game and following the Tissot equalizer, Arnaud made not less than FOUR key stops to help hold down the draw!

Patrice Bernier - The native of Brossard was once again the anchor at midfield for the Impact. We often get so used to his quiet but efficient play that it is easy to take him for granted.  At one point in the first half, it seemed that Bernier was directing every Impact movement on the field and winning every loose ball around him.

Coach Marco Schallibaum - Credit to the coach from breaking away from the usual starting XI and taking some risks with his formation. It may have not panned out in the case of Wenger, but Levebre and Tissot (sub) both made the Swiss coach look like a genius for trusting the youngsters. Let's hope this becomes a normal occurrence for the remaining regular season games and not a one game thing.

The Bad...

Collen Warner - Hands down the worst Impact player Saturday night. Playing alongside Arnaud, Warner turned in a lackluster performance. With Felipe back next game, it will be interesting to see who Schallibaum drops from the lineup in midfield. Based on recent form, I'd rather see the Arnaud get the nod.  At least you know the veteran will give you all he has.

Andrew Wenger - I would better describe Wenger's performance as disappointing than bad. In my two previous reports, I had hoped for Wenger to get a shot to start at midfield.  So when the lineup was announced and I saw Wenger penciled in on left wing, you can imagine my excitement. I was expecting to see Wenger use his speed and strength to beat defenders, instead I witnessed a lifeless, uninspiring performance by number 33.

The Ugly...

Troy Perkins - You hate to see Perkins in The Ugly, but there is no other way to describe his 73rd minute blunder on the second Mike Magee goal.  He then follows that up by mistiming a dive and fouling Patrick Nyarko for a penalty shot.  Not the sharpest night for Perkins. He can thank Tissot, Camara (goal line save) and a missed penalty shot by Magee for allowing the Impact to leave with the crucial point.

Share your thoughts, Impact fans. Who impressed you? Who did not? And better yet, what did I get wrong?

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