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When Marco Di Vaio does a #DiVaye , Davy Arnaud becomes Neymar and Troy Perkins' Blunder

Marco Di Vaio shows why he is the most dangerous striker in MLS at the tender age of 37. Davy Arnaud finds a way to silence naysayers with a neautiful pass and Troy Perkins' unfortunate giveaway insures a place in the highlight reels for 2013.

Matt Marton-USA TODAY Sports

Marco Di Vaio is pure gold and that sentence will never get old as the Italian striker has tallied 19 goals in MLS. Those 19 goals have not included one goal on penalty kick, actually Di Vaio has not taken one penalty kick this season.

You can #BlameBernier but it also shows the quality of Di Vaio as he nothing to prove to anyone: he is Pure Class.

#DiVaye & Davy Arnaud Magic

Thank you to avid, passionate and knowledgable commenter, Dani, for the Di Vaio animated Gif.


Davy Arnaud proves to be clutch in the final third as this is not the first time the Captain finds Di Vaio between 2 defenders. With a cheeky pass while being pressed by Jeff Larentowicz, Arnaud spots Di Vaio. The Italian striker broke his run a couple of times until Arnaud made the final pass.

The captain's run sucks in Austin Berry, who needs to block the middle but gives enough time and space for Di Vaio to #Divaye Chicago's Gonzalo Segares. Di Vaio shoots with his left as he falls down and Berry's look as he sees the shot is priceless.

Segares is Di Vaio's latest victims after Dejan Jakovic and AJ Soares fell victim to a #DiVaye.

Troy Perkins's Blunder : Part Deux

Perkins was also at the end of an unlucky hightlight reel but I think that the giveaway to Mike Magee will insure him a spot among the Goalkeeper Blunders of the Year short list for 2013. There is not much more to add but to say that the Impact players have been more and more nervous and irritated in the past few weeks: notice Perkins' reaction after the goal.