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Montreal Impact : Jack McInerney is not a savior

Jack McInerney joins the Montreal Impact to add depth and goals to a club that needs options.

Eric Bolte-USA TODAY Sports

Defense wins championships and with that motto the Montreal Impact is not close to winning anything close to a trophy in 2014. But outside repeated and regurgitated clichés, having bad defensive performances is not a good omen.

Even if the Impact has shown the ability to score goals since joining MLS in 2012, it biggest weakness has been its inability to defend or at least keep getting scored on so easily.

As the club traded Andrew Wenger to the Philadelphia Union to acquire Jack McInerney, the club resolved another problem that some call the "Marco Di Vaio Dependence". I call it secondary scoring or lack thereof.

Some call him a savior, others the heir apparent to the Iron Throne that Di Vaio will leave vacant at the end of the season. But whether that ends up being true or not, "JackMac "is part of a solution to a bigger problem than just taking over a legacy.

Even if he ends up being the heir to Di Vaio, McInerney should thrive with the Impact, a club more interested in attacking, scoring and playing a "technical game". He will neither feel the pressure nor the weight of having to be the savior.

His priority will be to integrate the squad, understand Frank Klopas' and his teammate's expectations while trying to get closer to his dream to go to Europe someday. Until then, Nick De Santis (Sporting Director) confirmed, during practice this week that the club will be taking on the option on McInerney's contract in 2015.

As per his integration into the squad, Klopas will face the challenge to keep his team on target and as dynamic as it looked against the New York Red Bulls. Offensively, Montreal displayed some exciting brand of futebol last Saturday and the momentum has to continue.

With three practices together, Di Vaio and McInerney did not have enough time to fully gel as a duo. But the quality that McInerney has shown with the Union is good enough to predict a quick chemistry with Il Bomber.

The worry should come from the midfield unbalance when McInerney is part of Klopas' starting eleven, which could happen as soon as this weekend against the Chicago Fire. As much as the midfield is performing relatively well offensively , at least for one game, it is still in search for its defensive identity.

Klopas will be facing challenges to field a competitive starting eleven to win games and maintain a certain overall balance. But with a defense that needed more help during the off-season, scoring more goals ( and scoring a lot) will be the game plan more often than not.

If JackMac can score goals in the double digits this season, which should part of the club's expectations, Klopas can work on fortifying the defensive mindset of his whole team and not just the back-line.

Savior? Maybe

Goal Scorer? Evidently

Double Digits? Hopefully

This is what depth looks like whether it's on the pitch or on the bench.