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'' One of The Most Inspirational and Insightful Athletes this City Has Ever Seen '' Jeb Brovsky

Jeb Brovsky is in the center of another feature piece and this one is probably the best one ever made by the Montreal Impact defender. He is as generous off than on the field, if not more. Alyson Lozoff of City TV and Sporstnet is behind this piece.

Jeb Brovsky has been named many things including generous, brave, strong, athletic and smart. Alyson Lozoff, of City TV and Sportsnet, could not choose better words to introduce the young man: Inspirational and Insightful. The piece was aired on City Montreal's new 30-minute weekly sports magazine show "Montreal Connected"! .

Brovsky's story has been heard many times. From his Colorado roots to his Peace Pandemic initiative, Jeb's story is touching while coping with dramatic events of life with good action. Soccer has always been more than a game, going beyond just the 11 v 11 setting.

Jeb Brovsky's story never gets old and his days as an underrated player are long gone. Bravo Jeb and stay on long enough with the Montreal Impact. The captain arm's band is waiting for you sooner than you think.