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MLS makes fun of Marco Di Vaio

Marco Di Vaio was known for his goal scoring abilities but last impressions have indelible marks, when the Italian striker "choked" Corey Ashe. Darrius Barnes seems to learn from the best as per MLS.

Marco Di Vaio did not make the best of impressions when he was red carded against the Houston Dynamo, at the end of the Eastern Knockout game. His red card even overshadowed Andres Romero's initial actions that kickstarted the whole scuffle.

MLS' twitter account poked fun at Di Vaio, intentionally or not, when comparing Darrius Barnes "fouls" Chance Myers during the second leg of the Eastern Conference semi-final between the New England Revolution and Sporting Kansas City.

One might say that you reap what you sow and a bit like everything else in life, people's last impression of you can definitely overshadow any good deed you might have done for 34 games.

Can we expect excuses from MLS to the club and the player about this tweet , that was intentionally funny? Let's ask the fans, observers, teammates and all #IMFC contributors

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