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Montreal Impact Press Conference: No Decision Made on Marco Schallibaum

The Montreal Impact had their press conference to review the 2013 season. Joey Saputo and Nick De Santis neither reviewed the season in-depth nor made a decision

Eric Bolte-USA TODAY Sports

The Montreal Impact press conference, to review the 2013 season, felt more as a Q&A than an actual evaluation. Joey Saputo and Nick De Santis addressed the media, at Stade Saputo, which was expecting to see Marco Schallibaum confirmed or let go.

With the Nesta rumor omnipresent in everyone's minds, the president and sporting director confirmed that no decisions have been made as per the future of the Swiss head coach.

We arrived at 5am Friday morning after the Houston game and with the weekend, we felt it was in the best interest of the club to take our time with this decision.

There is a lot of evaluation that needs to be done and we are going to take our time with that. I am disappointed in the way we got into the playoffs and finished our season. We need to try and figure out why it happened

It was confirmed that Schallibaum wants to stay in Montreal but its not clear if both parties are negotiating terms of a new contract, sporting decision process or having a "philosophical" debate for the next year or two.

With no decisions made, the president did apologize to the league for the team's behavior at the end of the against the Houston Dynamo.

It's not who we are. We always do things in a professional way.

But made sure to clear the air around the rumor/report that Alessandro Nesta will be the next head coach of the Impact, reported by Grant Wahl. Both the president and the sporting director denied the rumor and said that they never had that conversation with the Italian legend.

Grant Wahl sent out an update later on Tuesday and apologized for the wrong information after confirming with his source, following Joey Saputo's comments.

We did not get any in-depth evaluation of any sort but the impact brain trust were asked to give a grade for the season.

Both Saputo and De Santis gave a grade of 7/10 for the team's performance on the field ,which could bode well for Marco Schallibaum's work. But the indecisiveness of the club to keep Schallibaum might be a sign that it does not believe that the Swiss head coach can take them to a 8 or 9 out of 10.

Players will talk to media today at 2pm EST as we might get some insight on the players psyche after the end of a long 2013 MLS season.

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