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Montreal Impact Player Salary List Released

The MLS Players Union released detailed salary figures for all the league's players. Looking at the Montreal Impact, is it leaving too much money on the bench and the IR?

Adrian Lopez makes how much?
Adrian Lopez makes how much?
Jim O'Connor-USA TODAY Sports

One should always take it with a grain of salt but everytime the MLS Players' Union releases the numbers, it always interesting to read people's reactions on social media, websites and such.

The PDF report can be found here.

For the Montreal Impact, I took note of a couple of interesting numbers while taking into account that some of them are skewed due to a lack of information on transfer fees, allocation money among many other MLS roster rules that we know nothing about.

Heavy Hitters on the Bench and the IR

If we count the core players that are on the bench and on the injured list, the Impact has about 855,000$ worth of salaries. This includes Nelson Rivas, Adrian Lopez, Patrice Bernier, Jeb Brovsky and Sanna Nyassi. I am not counting Hernan Bernardello at this point.

Special Discovery: Not just Santiago Gonzalez

Gonzalez is a discovrey signing as his salary cap hit is only at 50,000$ but it would be nice to see him play. Maybe the Impact is getting 50,000$ worth as the young Uruguyan barely plays.

Eric Miller continues to be a bargain as the young right back is a decent player as a starter and cost-effective as a Generation Adidas player.

Andrew Wenger was supposed to be expensive, right Jack McInerney ?

As Wenger makes 242,000$ and McInerney is at 294,166.67$ , is there something that I am missing?

Yes I probably missing most of the relevant information to fully understand these numbers. Major League Soccer is not willing to share all of its Roster and Salary rules to help the media make any kind of objective judgement.

Until then, read on, speculate, criticize, praise and have fun