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What Impact Fans Should Know About Jack McInerney: Brotherly Game

There is no better scouting report than talking to the Brotherly Game and get the low down on Jack McInerney.

Trevor Ruszkowksi-USA TODAY Spor

The Brotherly Game graciously gave us its take on Jack McInerney and what Montreal Impact fans can expect from their club's new signing, aka Jack Mac. Eugene gives us his take McInerney and what to expect from him on and off the field.

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So Impact fans might be wondering exactly what they got in Jack McInerney. As someone who's watched Jack since he arrived in Philadelphia in 2010, I can tell you he is a mercurial player - one who can be absolutely on fire and then be ice cold a few games later.

Jack likes to wait in space for balls to come his way as well as deflections that he can snag and put on frame. He truly lives up to the nickname "The American Chicharito".

Know this - Jack is an exciting player to watch when he's in his element. He was out of sorts with John Hackworth's 4-3-3, but did very well in the 4-2-2 that was employed last season. He's a bit of a hot head, and his temper can get the best of him.

He's known to yell at teammates when he feels he could have been on the receiving end of a through ball. Some see that as selfishness, others see it as an unquenchable thirst to improve and win. Either way, buckle your seat belts because it's gonna be a fun ride Impact fans.

McInerney has been inconsistent but his skills as a poacher will be key for the Impact to get more goals. Whether Frank Klopas will play with two strikers or not, having more options is key for the club's game plan. Marco Di Vaio can handle a lot of the workload but it was necessary to get some help, some MLS help.

Until Santiago Gonzalez actually plays a decent amount of minutes and shows what he is made of, the Impact was going to depend on Di Vaio. With McInerney, the Impact is a more dangerous squad for other MLS teams.

Formation wise, Klopas' tactical mind will be tested and we will see how he will play his team on the field and how he make changes during a game.

With more tools at his disposal, Frank Klopas made  his first move as the Director of Player Personnel. Let's give time for the head coach to establish his style but time is of the essence.

Is Jack a trouble maker?