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MLS Players Union Releases Annual MLS Salaries: Is the Montreal Impact getting great value?

The MLS Players Union have just released the salary of each player in the league, including the Montreal Impact.


The first instance of the MLS players salaries has been released by the MLS Player's Union. This is when fans and media get astonished at the salaries of some players and appauled at the salaries of others. The Montreal Impact`s list of salary has been compiled in the table below.

Arnaud Davy $275,000.00 $290,000.00
Bernier Patrice $143,000.00 $162,333.25
Brovsky Jeb $80,000.00
Bush Evan $46,500.00 $46,500.00
Camara Hassoun $115,000.00 $126,625.00
Crepeau Maxime $35,125.00 $35,125.00
Di Vaio Marco $1,000,008.00 $1,937,508.00
Ferrari Matteo $240,000.00 $295,475.00
Iapichino Dennis $110,000.00 $110,000.00
Lefevre Wandrille $35,125.00 $35,125.00
Mallace Calum $47,300.00 $62,300.00
Mapp Justin $125,000.00 $137,500.00
Martins Felipe $150,000.00 $152,500.00
Nesta Alessandro $260,000.00 $305,000.00
Nyassi Sanna $140,000.00 $147,625.00
Ouimette Karl W. $46,500.00 $46,500.00
Paponi Daniele $720,00.00 $87,000.00
Perkins Troy $225,000.00 $236,833.33
Pisanu Andrea $100,000.00 $148,000.00
Rivas Nelson $75,000.00 $75,000.00
Rodriguez Maximiliano $35,125.00 $35,125.00
Romero Andres $48,000.00 $48,000.00
Smith Blake $46,500.00 $80,250.00
Tissot Maxime 35,125.00 35,125.00
Ubiparipovic Sinisa $57,750.00 $57,750.00
Valentin Zarek $100,000.00 $152,000.00
Wenger Andrew $120,000.00 $222,000.00

$3,873,058.00 5,269,366.33

Some Stand Outs:

  • The Montreal Impact did a good job in renegotiating Justin Mapp's salary to find a way to keep him. Not sure if making less money is taking pressure off the midfielder but it might help to better manage expectations for accountant in you.

  • The two most versatile and one of the most important players of the Montreal Impact have been rewarded for great services. With a good 2012 season and strong start in 2013, Jeb Brovsky and Hassoun Camara have earned their place as starters.

  • Troy Perkins is the second highest paid goalkeeper in the MLS right behind Donovan Ricketts. At the end, the trade seemed to have been good for both teams though the arrival of Perkins in Montreal has had a bigger impact.

Who is your best value? worst value? Tell us what you think