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Latest News from Practice : Injuries Galore and Tactical Shuffling

Not as full as last year, the Montreal Impact injury list has added the club's most recent signings: Hernan Bernardello and Adrian Lopez. Marco Schallibaum is back on the drawing board to find the best starting eleven for the club.

Paul Frederiksen-USA TODAY Sports

Marco Schallibaum is facing the challenge that all head coaches face when leading a professional sports squad: shuffling lineups between injuries, trades, suspensions and co. Even if taken into account as an X-Factor, the Montreal Impact could not have predicted that Hernan Bernardello would be lost for up to 6 weeks.

Ça me fait de la peine pour Bernardello, mais on va pas pleurer toute la journée. Il faut trouver des solutions Marco Schallibaum

Reports from practice already point to the coaching staff testing different formations and starting XI.

In the wake of Bernardello's injury, Schallibaum was playing with different formations, four of them to be precise.

Without wanting to divulge which formation is in and which one is out, the Swiss coach seems to be looking for versatility and options: something he had with Bernardello.

The Impact of the Argentinean designated player absence will be felt. But another injured player will hurt Montreal even if he has not played one MLS minute. Adrian Lopez was not on the practice pitch, not since picking up an injury during practice.

It seems that Adrian Lopez's unknown injury is bigger than intially expected. When commenting about his own injury, Bernardello told the media that

It's nothing compared to Adrian [Lopez]

As practice was winding down, news started to come out that Adrian Lopez has suffered a major setback with a major knee injury. The club did not confirm whether the Spanish defender sustained an injury to his knee and if he will need surgery. His absence is predicted to be up to 6 months. He could potentially not be ready in time for the 2014 MLS season with the Montreal Impact.

The string of bad news for the Impact will not help the morale of the team. In a sarcastic way and with a sick twist, the Montreal Impact find themselves with the same squad it did before the arrival of Bernardello and Lopez.

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