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‘The Good, the Bad and the Ugly’: Impact leave with a lacklustre but needed road point.

In what will build confidence to the Impact’s away form, Montreal leaves Philadelphia with 0-0 draw to the Philadelphia Union.

Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

The Good...

Troy Perkins- That's now two clean sheets in as many games for the Impact keeper. Far from a heavy workload, Perkins still came up big with two outstanding game changing saves. He can also thank Jack McInerney for a second half missed header that could have easily put the Union ahead.

Justin Mapp - More of a threat in the first half, Mapp was once again at the forefront of the rare Impact scoring chances. After a nice rush up the middle, Mapp unleashed a dangerous shot at goalkeeper Zac MacMath. Sadly, it would be the only Impact shot on target.

Hassoun Camara - It's often easy to overlook Camara's defensive performances at RB. Tonight he consistently came to the aid of his CBs and cleared the ball out of the box during the Union's most dangerous opportunities. His presence in the backline was felt all game long.

Union's game plan- Obviously John Hackworth's staff learned a thing or two from the Houston Dynamo's collapse at Stade Saputo. Despite playing in front of their home crowd and still possessing the best scoring opportunities of the game, the Union were determined to not allow any counterattacks to Montreal. They were more than happy to concede the 57% of the possession to the Impact to avoid any last minute heroics by Di Vaio.

The Bad...

Romero- Playing in the only undecided starting eleven position, Romero did himself no favours with his uninspiring performance. Clearly Mauro Biello saw what everyone else saw, as he gave Romero the early bench in place of Sanna Nyassi at the 55th minute. Don't expect to see Romero start next Sunday against The Revolution.

Marco Di Vaio neutralized - Was it the Union's patched-up defence, the lack of service or Di Vaio himself? Whatever it was, MLS' leading goal scorer was a non-factor all night long. In his one moment to shine, Di Vaio didn't miss his chance to show fans his elite finishing skills .....Sadly the linesman was spot on in assessing the goal offside.

Bernardello's flirt with disaster- In a play that saw his foot awkwardly get jammed on the turf, Impact fans collectively held their breath in what can best be described as a rare miss timed Bernardello tackle. Montreal's valuable midfielder laid in agony for a few minutes that seemed way too long, as visible on Mauro Biello's face.

The Ugly...

Sorry to disappoint, but no Ugly in this game. Just a whole lot of adequate and unspectacular play from both sides. Even the officiating was just fine!

As you can tell Impact fans, I need your help for this one. Who impressed you and who didn't? What did I miss?