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Montreal Impact lose to the Colorado Rapids in High-Scoring Affair

A 2-goal performance from Daniele Paponi, a creative goal by Hassoun and the return of Davy Arnaud should have been enough to celebrate a victory for the Montreal Impact. The game took an ugly turn for the home team as the Colorado Rapids take a shocking 4-3 win at Stade Saputo.


Stade Saputo was almost at full capacity as 20,383 fans made their way to see their beloved Bleus of Montreal. Unfortunately, they were witness to a roller-coaster game that ended in the favor of the Colorado Rapids as the Montreal Impact concede 4 goals in a 4-3 loss.

While still maintaining the Eastern Conference lead, the defensive side of the Impact was not at its best after conceding 4 goals, including the winning goal for the Rapids at the 96th minute.

With not as much domination as it usually has at home, the Impact struggled to find that quick rhythm it displayed in previous home games. At the 24th minute, Atiba Harris rises above the Impact defence and drills a header off a free kick past a diving Troy Perkins.

Less than 15 minutes later, Hassoun Camara shines in the limelight with another unexpected goal in an unexpected position. Almost getting his head to the ball off a corner kick, in the ensuing scramble, Camara scores while sitting with a ''bicycle'' of some-sort as he juggles the ball with his feet. It was very creative from Hassoun Camara who also displayed to be quick on his might say.

As the Impact got more confidence at the end of the first half, a quick attack launched by Alessandro Nesta triggers the 2-1 goal for Montreal. Nesta's pass finds Marco Di Vaio who has space between the midfield lines of the Rapids. Calling for the ball, Daniele Paponi receives a precise pass right outside the box. A flick to the right and a change of direction and Paponi curls in beautiful shot to the right corner that beats Clint Irwin.

The confidence that the home team had in the second half was quickly shattered at the 59th minute when Dillon Powers is unmarked in the box and scores the tying goal. His one-time shot was off a precise pass from Nathan Sturgis, a low cross that no one could intercept.

More back and forth and excitement for the #IMFC fans as the Impact take the lead again thanks to a great effort from Davy Arnaud. The captain relentlessly chases a ball down the left side of the box and feeds a low ball to it. Paponi surges into the patch of the ball and slides to push the ball into the net : The Paponi Rage

At the 77th minute, 5 minutes later, Deshorn Brown ties the game again with another one-timed shot from Klute cross that Perkins did not see coming. With the game tied 3-3, the Impact still continued to push for the win but the Rapids scored the winning goal in the last moments of the game.

As Davy Arnaud loses the ball, the Rapids go on a counter attack and get a shot through blocked by Pstrice Bernier. The rebound comes back to Tony Cascio who one-times it and his shot deflected off a defender for the winning goal.

Quick Game Notes:

(*) Defensive gap in the midfield for the Montreal Impact. Bernier finds himself alone in many situations

(*) Powers and Sturgis had a very good game and really pushed with quick passes towards the front

(*) Threats to player after losing is a no-no , passion or no passion. (referring to threat to Arnaud and family)

(*) No need to panic about the Montreal Impact but I still think that more depth is needed in each line, especially a defensive midfielder with a physical aspect and 1 more defender.

More to come this week on with some tactical talk, an outing at Stade Saputo and previews to the mid-week game vs Toronto FC.