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Mount Royal Soccer and CJAD800 AM: Sofiane & Giovanni's hand in their Report Cards

Go to the CJAD Sports Blog to read Sofiane's and Giovanni's report card on the Montreal Impact after 5 games played in the 2013 MLS season.

Sofiane Benzaza

You can read Mount Royal Soccer's own Sofiane Benzaza and Giovanni Sardo latest text on CJAD 800 AM `s Sports Blog.

Giovanni Sardo:

The Swiss tactician has tasted early success but the Impact were outplayed and outcoached against SKC.

Read More of what Giovanni had to say at

Impact making the grade? Super-blogger Sardo

Sofiane Benzaza:

For a first impression, you should be impressed and this should wipe away the myth that a Euro-coach cannot win in MLS. It's all about being a good coach or not

Read More of what Sofiane had to say:

Impact Report Cards in time for Home Re-Opener: Sofiane Benzaza

CJAD 800 will carry the game with the preview show starting before game time at 14:00 EST. Listen in to Play-By-Play Man Rick Moffat and Analyst Grant Needham, former Montreal Impact scoring legend. Don't forget to tune in to CJAD 800AM during half-time as Sofiane, Giovanni, Rick and Grant join forces as the Soccer Gang Of 4.