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CF Montréal: Key News Updates

Let’s get caught up on all the news!

Cuba v United States - CONCACAF Nations League

The news does not stop and neither do we. Let’s take you through the three big pieces of nes this week as the club look to the future amid all the losses in personnell.

Wilfried Nancy Gone

The coach of the year candidate announced his departure as the club made the announcement this week as he took over at Columbus Crew. The manager was thankful for his time and given the team’s tumultuous end with him and the scuffle with owner, one really can’t blame him for departing.

As for the future, the CFM leadership have been searching for a replacement and at the moment it seems it will either be a CPL manager or a foreign candidate. Either would need a strong roster to work with as CFM look to replicate their second place finish in the East in 2022.

CFM lose out on player

Alan Sonora is a no go for CFM, latest reports indicated he will prefer a move in the USA. The fringe USMNT player had reportedly been held in high regard by CFM management and despite the interest it seems location is a big factor and it is not in Canada.

Tyler Boyd Linked to CFM

Tyler Boyd has joined the list of potential signings for CFM. A winger by trade he can fill a need as the club lacks a designated player now and are considering improved contracts to keep key players still at the club.

Boyd would be a great pickup and one that will help alleviate all the losses suffered We’ll see if the location becomes a big part of the deal or if he can be convinced.

We’ll see how the team makes improvements on the roster after the Wold Cup.

We will keep you updated here.