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Montreal Impact vs Columbus Crew: Grades

The Montreal Impact showed that it is not fully dependent on the middle of the pitch to create offensive chances. Though, the Columbus Crew still had enough chances to take all 3 points if not for an excellent Troy Perkins.


The Montreal Impact almost took a 2-1 lead but almost lost 2-1 to the Columbus Crew. The Impact proved that it can build the play and not just counter attack but showed some impatience in the last 30 meters. Between scuffles in the box, Felipe stealing a chance from Romero and Nyassi being Nyassi, it was a game full of lessons and some disappointment.

Troy Perkins (10):

Giving out 10/10 is a dangerous path to take but Troy Perkins made THE SAVE of the game against Federico Higuain, the Argentinean Designated Player. Even if he did not see it, the save Chad Marschall's header on a corner kick was Massive to keep the Impact in the game. Once again, Perkins is making routine plays that are as good as saves when he comes out of his line to box out or catch a ball off a set-piece.

Bravo Troy

Jeb Brovsky (6):

The very reliable left back was able to take care of business most of the Crew's offensive intentions. Yes, he is not the offensive left back that you might be looking for but he does possess a smart soccer IQ. That also includes identifying when to make runs and when to pinch in.

Alessandro Nesta (7):

Not bad for a player that is coming off an abductor injury. His speed was challenged against a quick Crew offense but compensated with positioning and sliding tackles. He continues to direct traffic and bring confidence to back-line.

Karl W. Ouimette (6):

He has adapted very well for a player that was not supposed to start after Matteo Ferrari withdrew due to a calf injury. With the team having 60% of the possession, he was still present and able to track MLS-caliber players physically. Still learning the inner workings of the professional game, it's a great learning experience to make mistakes and learn from them at the Pro Level.

Hassoun Camara (5):

The most versatile player for the Impact has been ''Cosi Cosa'' this time. He had some good runs to bring in numbers up front but had some questionable passes that could have hurt a lot. Sometimes seeming nonchalant, he does show some technical skills but it sometimes hurts him when taking low-return risks. Risks that have created space for the speedy Crew players a few times during the game

Patrice Bernier (6.5):

He continues to be the Oxygen of the club in the midfield as the role entails. The Crew identified him (duuh) as the main well to dry out. He was still able to distribute the ball and participate in stretching out the Crew midfield.

Andres Romero (4):

The speedy winger did not show a lot of speed nor did he take advantage of open spaces. Not technically sound against the Crew, he admitted himself after the game that he deserved to be subbed out by Mauro Biello.

Felipe Martins (5.5):

Playing his ''best game'', Felipe Martins was much more involved this time around. With the Impact having more possession, Felipe had more touches and looked more confident. Do not fool yourself as he is not close to his 2012 version but he is becoming an option more than before. Sometimes too eager, he did ''steal'' a scoring chance from Romero.

Davy Arnaud (5.5):

Not much to declare for the Captain. He had a quiet game with a lot of running but helped a lot when taking over some ''play-making'' responsibilities on the right side, especially in the second half. He is always present in the box to bring numbers up front and try to play that CF role on transition plays.

Justin Mapp (6.5):

Love him or Hate him, Justin Mapp will always get a comment, mostly negative though. He was the most active player for the Impact on the creative side and one of the few players to be able to challenge the Crew players 1-on-1 --- a very complete game.

Marco Di Vaio (7.5):

The Designated Player seems to be more and more fit and continuing to find space between the lines and defenders. His goal was a masterpiece in the finishing showing his scoring instinct: yes that is what he is getting paid for. He was unlucky to see his first goal called offside but his body language seemed more positive this time around.

Sanna Nyassi (6):

Another player in the Love Him Or Hate Him category. The Gambian International has his spot as the 30-40 minute joker who is able to bring speed. Keeping slower defenses at bay, Nyassi did disappoint with his finishing but is a constant threat.

Maxim Tissot (6):

Not enough minutes to evaluate him but it is great news that he played in his first MLS game.His skills will definitively position him as a viable left back or left midfielder.

Andrew Wenger (5):

The 2012 1st round pick still seems shy but that could be explainable from a lack of playing time. I would like to see him play more significant minutes and understand his specific role and future as a striker..with the Impact or not.

What is your rating for the Montreal Impact players?

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