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Jonathan Osorio Destined for CF Montréal? Many are saying....

A truly great fit.

TFC VS IMPACT Richard Lautens/Toronto Star via Getty Images

CF Montréal could look to add Jonathan Osorio this off-season, or at least they should. In MLS’s site, analyst Matt Doyle threw this idea out and I love it.

This fits the ethos for the club in signing intra-MLS players who can be hugely successful and have proven that already. If you want to get real, a great and well done TAM deal could allow MTL to add Osorio without using DP spot thus allowing for adding two DP’s plus Osorio.

Add that Wanyama could be bought down to TAM and we could be looking at a greatly improved squad next season with a full slate open for DP’s (Griezmann, anyone?).

Osorio would ft snugly in with and without Djordje Mihailovic who could be Europe bound this year. He could play with him and without him.

Not only would he fit, it would be a great gut punch to Toronto as the rivalry needs some spicing up and this would do just that.

Would you want Osorio at MTL?