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First Addition? Reports Link Alan Sonora to CF Montréal

A first player to start the rebuild?


Here we go? Alan Sonora has been the first name linked to the new era at CF Montréal.

Argentine media claim the deal is nearly done and only minor details separate them. It would be a nice coup as he is a fringe USMNT player and he can only get better as he is just 24. A long term play here as he would be an ideal replacement for CFM’s depleted midfield. Adding him and another of MLS’s discarded could work well as it did in the past.

Sonora would want to get to MLS as it provides him a better window in to Gregg Berhalter’s sphere. Which could lead to more opportunity with the national team.

Seems a win-win as Sonora gets his move and CFM can start the mini rebuild with a really solid player.

If your like us and want more information on Sonora as a player this video helped assuage a lot of claims and gives us a nice idea in to the player he is: