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Oyongo transfer update: FIFA not officially involved

Ambroise Oyongo's case has not reached FIFA's desk... or inbox.

Johannes Simon/Getty Images

Reports from different media members and Ambroise Oyongo's agent have stated that the Camerounian Football Federation has taken the matter to FIFA about the legality of the ex- New York Red Bulls left-back. From the player's camp (and FECAFOOT) , the basis of the problem seems that the initial MLS contract is not legal.

Why? As you can read in the previous link, in which Arcadio Marcuzzi interviews Oyongo's agent, it is said that

'' It seems that false documents were produced by Rainbow FC, who sold Oyongo to the MLS, while not being owner of his rights. The Federation has ruled that the player's [rights] are not owned by FC Rainbow, [an organization] not not allowed to sign professional contracts. ''

A FIFA spokerperson, contacted directly by Mount Royal Soccer, has officially declared that

FIFA has not been officially contacted in the matter. Therefore we are not in a position to comment.

At this point, from FIFA's standpoint, FECAFOOT has not contacted international football's governing body on the Oyongo imbroglio and cannot provide any comment.

Oyongo has been suspended without pay for failing to report to the Montreal Impact but Adam Braz is confident that this issue will be resolved.