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Montreal Impact confirm interest in Olivier Occean ... again

The Montreal Impact has confirmed that there is a mutual interest between the club and Olivier Occean.

Michael Kienzler

In what could be the longest session of foreplay in the history of transfer talks, the Montreal Impact and Olivier Occean are still talking about a potential deal to bring in the Montreal-native. Previously reported in March 2014, Occean spoke to the Canadian Press and confirmed (again) that talks are ongoing between the club and his agent.

Via the CP, Occean adds

I would like it to be a long term deal. I still have a few years of soccer to give. I would like to play in front of my family, everyone that I know and show montrealers that I am a good player.

Head coach Frank Klopas has confirmed the mutual interest as he declared to Olivier Tremblay , the Impact beat reporter for, that he is looking for a striker.

Klopas about Occean and the mutual interest

He's a bigger guy, he looks to run behind, he has more of a presence in the box...[...]...There's definitely an interest from his part and from us.

As the Impact is in the middle of a string of signings and player movements, the potential addition of Occean would be interesting on the sporting aspect of things. Frank Klopas is checking off his Amazon wishlist one player at a time as he seems to work closely with Sporting Director, Nick De Santis.

Could this be enough to make the 2014 MLS playoffs?