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Olivier Occean expresses interest to join the Montreal Impact

Olivier Occean, the FC Kaiserslauternen striker, has made it clear that he would not mind receiving an offer from the Montreal Impact.

Dennis Grombkowski

In Bundesliga 2, with FC Kaiserlautern, Olivier Occean has recently expressed interested in joining Major League Soccer. Specifically, the Canadian striker has made it clear that he wishes to join the Montreal Impact, or at least receive an offer from his hometown club.

Patrick Leduc confirms that contact has been established between Occean's agent and the Montreal Impact. And just last night, TVA Sports had the striker live as he confirms his interest to join the club. He also adds that his agent has been in contact with the Impact's Sporting Director, Nick De Santis.

You can watch the interview here.

Patrick Friolet of RDS is in Dallas covering the team and has spoken to De Santis who confirmed the mutual interest.

Sources close to the situation and to FC Kaiserlautern have confirmed to Mount Royal Soccer that there are talks between Occean and the Impact.

Just recently, Oliver Occean was not even on the bench for FC Kaiserlautern. The club played the 3rd and 4th string strikers during the team's 2-1 win over Sandhausen.

The German club might not be eager to offer a new contract or extend his loan. The 32-year old Canadian is loaned by Bundesliga club, Eintracht Frankfurt.

If this deal actually happens and Occean needs to be integrated within the Impact's salary cap, the club might trade commodities that have value. Could it be Andrew Wenger? Sanna Nyassi?

When there's smoke, there's fire.