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Report from Argentina confirms Ignacio Piatti to join the Montreal Impact after Copa Libertadores

Ignacio Piatti has been given permission to join the Impact after San Lorenzo's run in Copa Libertadores.

Sitio Andino

Reports from Argentina seem to confirm that Ignacio Piatti is a Montreal Impact and that the club is giving permission to its "new player" to stay with San Lorenzo to play the Copa Libertadores. Considered irreplaceable, Piatti has led San Lorenzo with 3 goals and 26 shots in 10 games the prestigious South American Champions League.

The Impact has not neither confirmed nor denied that Piatti has been signed as a Designated Player under MLS roster rules. But this report from seems to assume that it's a done deal. Whether the health of the player after the Copa Libertadores is a pre-condition to officialize his signing is pure speculation. But if Piatti has been signed by Montreal, one must think that an injury that occurs during the tournament might not make Joey Saputo and Nick De Santis happy at all.

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