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Report : Nelson Rivas re-signs with the Montreal Impact for the 2014 MLS Season

A tweet from TVA Sports' Olivier confirms that the Colombian defender will be back with the Montreal Impact in 2014.

David Banks

The Montreal Impact was in discussion with Nelson Rivas since the off-season to try and bring back Nelson Rivas in 2014. Sporting Director, Nick de Santis, confirmed twice to the media that negotiations were underway. 24 hours after the MLS Draft, it seems that Rivas will be back and hopefully healthy enough

Having earned a base salary of 75,000$ in 2013, Rivas always seemed like a good deal since his arrival in 2012. But with the mystery of allocation money and other MLS financial tools, we cannot know for sure how much was Rivas costing the club.

It is not a surprise to see Rivas back after Nick De Santis confirmed twice to be negotiating with the defender. The potential shockwave would come from his constant injuries as he only played 11 games in 2 seasons with the club. As the backline was weakened by Alessandro Nesta's retirement, the club needed to fill that gap as soon as possible.

The potential of Nelson Rivas was never in doubt. Arguably, he can easily be an excellent defender in MLS as he combines a physical agressive style with an underrated tactical awareness. Even though his agressiveness would earn him two red cards in 11 games (including MLS season and playoffs), he could theoretically be a great asset.

Until theory becomes reality, stay tuned for more developments on this story.