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‘The Good, the Bad and the Ugly’: Champions League journey ends as the Montreal Impact vanish

A humiliating 3-0 defeat to the San Jose Earthquakes has all but eliminated The Impact from Concacaf Champions League. Let’s try and find a little bit of’ The Good’ and examine all of ‘The Bad’ from the loss.

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The Good...

Alessandro Nesta - When everything was crumbling around him, the Italian defender did his best to hold up the fort. It didn't help him that his compatriot and fellow centre back, Ferrari, was having another dreadful night. Kudos to Nesta for showing some pride and fighting for the full 90mins.

MLS Campaign- All questions regarding the Impact's focus can be put aside now. The club will now concentrate solely on their MLS run. They should in theory use the last CCL game against C.D. Heredia at Stade Saputo as an opportunity to rest the overused veterans and play the youngsters.

The Bad...

Matteo Ferrari - That's two games in a row that Ferrari has had a strong say in the outcome of the match with some dreadful defending. He inexplicably decided to stand and watch Steven Lenhart head the long thrown in to Chris Wondolowski for the opening goal.

Is the normally reliable centre back going through a slump or is he showing signs of fatigue from the lack of backline rotation?

Daniele Paponi - Against the Columbus Crew, I harshly placed Paponi in The Bad for being invisible in his 20mins of substitute play and failing to provide a spark.  Well, I have no qualms about his play versus the San Jose Earthquakes. Paponi out did his previous performance and managed to be invisible for a full 60mins.

His only noticeable mention was when he mis-hit the ball alone , following a rare positive build-up between Romero and Wenger. A lot more was expected and needed from the loaned forward.

Andres Romero- Not as bad as Paponi, but except for a solid 15mins at the end of the second half, the Argentine had another disappointing outing. He failed to create anything positive from the left wing and often losing the ball to easily.

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The Ugly...

Andrew Wenger - I half heartedly tweeted during the game if Wenger was the Impact's version of the once promising Habs prospect and now cut Louis Leblanc. The reference being, that this latest performance might be looked back in the offseason as the nail in the coffin between Wenger and the organisation.

Nothing was working for Wenger, not the finishing, the ball control or the passing. It all led him to being the first player to land in The Ugly. The only positive for Wenger is that he does give a visible effort and Impact fans know he can give a bit more then what he displayed.

Share your thoughts, Impact fans. Who impressed you? Who did not? And better yet, what did I get wrong?

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