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Three Questions with the Dynamo Theory: Battle for 3rd in the East

I talked with the Dynamo Theory's Sean Ringrose as we both preview the game between the Montreal Impact and the Houston Dynamo. The battle for 3rd in the East is on and Houston is coming to town.


The Houston Dynamo are back in town and the team that the Montreal Impact beat 2-0 , back in June, is much different. Dominic Kinnear's men have won 4 of its last 6 games but are also coming off a mid-week CCL game against the W Connection.

Thank you for Sean Ringrose of the Dynamo Theory of taking some  time to talk Impact , Dynamo and MLS.

1. The Houston Dynamo have had 2 bad months in May and June of 2013. What happened during that period? What was addressed since as per tactics and player movements?

The Houston Dynamo have a knack for becoming mediocre to sluggish in the summer months. They've always been known as the dog days of summer, but they aptly apply for our squad. A lot of it has to do with international call-ups, injuries, and suspensions. In the months of May and June we never fielded a complete Starting XI that matched the Starting XI from the opening of the season.

2. Houston was beaten 2-0 by the Impact, the last time both team met. I really felt that Houston could have and should have gotten a better result. Did you feel the same? or do we just put in the pile of `` games to forget`` ?

Honestly, Montreal played the better match. Impact deserved the result, but a lot of it can be attributed to missing both of our key wingers, Brad Davis and Boniek Garcia.

This time around, the club should have a healthy Brad Davis and Boniek Garcia to start the match. Believe me, it will be a very different team tactically and mentally. But don't get me wrong, Di Vaio still has the propensity for eating this back four alive.

3. A rivalry between both clubs sort of started but not really in the same time. Is there still some kind of animosity between both clubs or is it just a battle between 2 clubs going for a top-3 spot in the Eastern Conference?

I doubt many of us following the Houston Dynamo would honestly rank a rivalry with Montreal Impact as anything more than Eastern Conference foes. Sure, there was the whole fun ordeal with Brian Ching and Jesse Marsch, but outside of that there just hasn't been anything really rivalry-like about the matches.

That said, it comes down two clubs in the Eastern Conference both wanting the 3 points to position themselves for the impending playoff push.

Starting XI:

Tally Hall - Corey Ashe; Jermaine Taylor; Bobby Boswell; Kofi Sarkodie - Brad Davis; Ricardo Clark; Adam Moffat; Boniek Garcia - Giles Barnes; Will Bruin

1-1 draw.

If you would like to see the questions that Sean Ringose asked me, go to the Dynamo Theory and you can enjoy my words of wisdom.

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