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Toronto FC - Montreal Impact First-Half Notes: To Each His Half

What was a dull first half under a dull weather, the first half ends on a 0-0 draw.


Toronto FC dominated the beginning of the game half as it should as the home team for the first leg of the 2013 Amway Canadian Championship semi-final. With more attempts at goal, the winner of the last four Canadian Championship had some pressure on Evan Bush, who was kept somewhat busy.

Game Notes

(*) A lack of cohesion for Montreal was no surprise to see but still disappointing. The good news is that the revamped back four kept it simple and was effective.

(*) Talking about cohesion, Justin Mapp was probably the most dangerous for Montreal. With decent runs and a frustrating habit to keep the ball too long, the left-footed could have combined with Maxime Tissot. The young left back showed good intentions but Mapp did not utilize him enough.

(*) Andrew Wenger has not had a lot of touches but continues to work hard. He showed good instincts to keep the ball and distribute the ball to keep the play going.

(*) Toronto FC has shown an aggressive defensive mentality with a compact back four. Henry was able to match Sanna Nyassi's speed on a few times but the Gambian international took advantage of whatever space was given to him.

(*) Not enough energy from both sides is hindering what could and should have been a showcase for the Amway Canadian Championship. Nervous energy and not having all the regular starters does not help the cause neither.

Game Stats

Toronto FC Montreal Impact
4 Attempts on Goal 3
1 Shots on Target 0
1 Shots off Target 1
2 Blocked Shots 2
2 Corner Kicks 1
6 Fouls 4
6 Open Play Crosses 6
1 Offsides 0
0 First Yellow Cards 0
0 Second Yellow Cards 0
0 Red Cards 0
23 Duels Won 19
54% Duels Won % 46%
167 Total Pass 199
71% Passing Accuracy % 77%
45.6% Possession 54.4%