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Greg Lalas Dissects Arnaud's Winning Goal against the Sounders: Anatomy Of A Goal

Greg Lalas is back with Anatomy of a Goal , an excellent video series on

Between a porous Seattle Sounders defense and an excellent counter attacking Montreal Impact, the beauty of the build up and the goal itself is just sweet. Greg Lalas dissects the goal on both sides on the pitch with some nice looking video.

From Di Vaio's run back to receive the ball to the Sounders's limbo status in front of Felipe, the nice thing to see was the Impact's bringing out numbers up front to stretch out their opponents.

I would have thought that the rest of the league would have learned from the Impact's decent run in 2012. But, not pressuring Felipe fast enough (for the only time of the game) proved costly for the Sounders.

Did you enjoy Davy Arnaud's beautiful instinctive finish?