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Three Questions with the Dynamo Theory: Crush or Get Crushed!

Ahead of Friday's against the Houston Dynamo. I had the honor to trade questions with Sean Ringrose of the Dynamo Theory. After getting one point out of Toyota Park for the first time in its MLS history, can the Montreal Impact get three out of Texas?

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The Houston Dynamo is a team that you don't usually forget. With orange jerseys and a beautiful new stadium, the back-to-back MLS finalists are not to be taken lightly. I had the chance to trade questions, answers and Tex-Mex recipes with Sean Ringrose of the Dynamo Theory, as we preview Les Oranje against les Bleus.

1) I really fell in love with the signing of Oscar Boniek Garcia. I liked it so much that I was jealous that a club could get a player at his peak with such a versatile skill set. But is it just me or has Boniek Garcia been slowing down this year or his he following the Houston Dynamo vibe ?

So I am glad you asked this question, as it has actually puzzled me from a fan perspective as well. That is until the last few days when one of our Dynamo Theory readers, Francisco, sat down and worked out a stat your Montreal fanbase will be very familiar with, the +/- for each player on the Dynamo roster for the 2013 season.

What was astounding to me is even though it appears Boniek hasn't been the same this season, when he is on the field the team is undoubtedly better. His +/- is actually tied for 1st out of the entire Dynamo roster for the season with Jermaine Taylor at +10. The next closest player? Ricardo Clark at +5.

The stat doesn't necessarily mean Boniek being on the field actually translates to scoring more and conceding less, but it does show that the international absences of Boniek and Taylor were hard felt during the summer. The summer also just so happens to be when Montreal took the Houston Dynamo out back behind the shed and whooped them one. (Destroyed them)

2) There seems to be a pattern and blueprints to beat the Montreal Impact. Usually a high coordinated pressing will hurt the Impact but can the Dynamo do so over 90 minutes? Is Dominic Kinnear able to get out of his regular game plan and adapt to his opponents?

In short, no the defense really can't. Bobby Boswell just is not pacey enough to recover if he is holding too high of a line. What this means is that the center backs, Boswell and Taylor, have to be on the same page and watching one another constantly. It will be on Taylor to mark Di Vaio and ensure he can't penetrate the Dynamo backline.

As for Dom adapting his tactics, I honestly am not really sure. I have seen instances where Kinnear will adapt the tactics to suit the opponent, but it doesn't always happen. I think he trends toward "they have to adapt to us" rather than "we have adapt to them". Rest assured, though, that if the Impact think they're going to lay 5 on the Dynamo again they are sorely mistaken.

3) Is the Dynamo repeating its 2012 performance as it sneaks in into the playoffs, make it to the MLS Cup and ______ Fill In the Blanks?

Is there a cloud of doubt hovering over BBVA Compass Stadium and possibliy not MLS playoffs games in 2013?

Win the Cup. It isn't far-fetched this year, and the advantage is with the Dynamo in that they've been here before. You also have to factor in Bruin coming back into form, as he plays a vital role in any success the Dynamo have from here on out.

I'd say the mentality right now is that of pretty much 'no fear'. We've been here before, actually in a worse position last season with 3 to play, so we know what to expect. The end of this season lines up perfectly, with the Dynamo facing the top 3 teams in the East at home in a nice little homestand. If the Dynamo take all 3 of these matches at home, then it is possible they could be looking at a number 2 or higher seed.

Starting XI

Hall; Ashe - Taylor - Boswell - Sarkodie; Davis - Clark - Boniek; Barnes - Bruin - Cummings


4-0 Dynamo over Montreal. In other words...PAYBACK!

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