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Dissect-A-Goal : Marco Di Vaio's goal reminiscent of Impact's better days earlier in the season

Marco Di Vaio's tying goal was huge for the Montreal Impact as it kickstarted a huge comeback against the Philadelphia Union. From the start of the play to the celebration, that goal summed up quality, technical play, efficiency and friendship.

Eric Bolte-USA TODAY Sports

Marco Di Vaio has been the catalyst more often than not when it comes to big wins for the Montreal Impact. Actually, he has become a symbol for many cut-throat situations but his movement with and without the ball is indicative os his form.

His game-tying goal was huge for the Montreal Impact and it was great to see a quality sequence of plays that brought 18,000+ fans to their feet at Stade Saputo.

Andrew Wenger: Center Back...really?


As Matteo Ferrari skips a line with a long pass, Andrew Wenger drops off very nicely, with barely any marking around him. Neither the Union defender or the defensive midfielder are around Wenger and the striker is able to control the ball.

Without hesitation, he swerves around and runs towards the goal, showing good speed and a good ability to protect the ball. He tries to pass it to Di Vaio, who was making a run, but his pass is not the most precise one and is intercepted by the Union defense.

Have no Fear, Felipe is here and Arnaud's got game


While Wenger is making that play, Felipe continues to make his run through the midfield. His favorite #10 position is useful in this case as his positionning makes him a perfect target man for any loose balls in that area. The imprecise pass by Wenger is deflected by the Union defense and finds its way to Felipe. He fights for the ball and quickly sees Arnaud on the left side, sneaking into the box.

El Capitan makes a quick run into the box, makes the right back think too long and finds Di Vaio with a cheeky pass with the outside of his right boot.

Then mayhem ensues.

#DiVayé , #Divaye : What else is new?


Even before Di Vaio gets the ball, he already knew what he had to do and how to handle the Union defender marking him.  He basically goes 180 degrees, finds space by going back a couple of meters and gets the angle he needs to bury that goal: quick, easy and dirty like an assassin.

The most beautiful image of that goal ends up being Di Vaio running all the way to the midfield as he goes to celebrate the goal with and for Alessandro Nesta, his best friend.

What was your favorite part on that goal?

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