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Three Reasons why the Montreal Impact needs 6 points out of 6

With 2 games left and 6 points available in total, the Montreal Impact face a dilemma that was not necessarily expected during the mid-season report. The Impact do not fully control its destiny towards the MLS playoffs, at least with little room for error.

Don't Miss the MLS Playoff Train
Don't Miss the MLS Playoff Train
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

In the middle of a nerve-wracking slump and losing streak, the Montreal Impact have no more margin of error. That margin of error was symbolized for too long by games in hand. Those games ended up being more of a poison, dead weight. than an actual advantage.

I give you three reasons why Montreal needs not one, not three, not nine but six points out of their next two games.

It Will Free You

Marco Schallibaum needs his team to score a goal as soon as possible in a game, preferably to take the lead. He always made a reference to the liberating effect that a goal would have given his team, during this untimely winless streak.

Get the 3 points now and the other 3 will be easier to get. Physical and mental fatigue go hand in hand but a break at Stade Saputo could cast away that ''gloom and doom'' cloud , hovering around the Impact and its fans.

Put the pressure on the competition

You already have enough pressure on yourself. If you are going to promote every game as the do-or-die game, you might as well ''do it'' and let the other team drown in its own misery. Just the sheer pressure at Stade Saputo is enough to make anyone crumble under all of that.

This is when a group of men, led by a passionate, controversial yet protective head coach, has a chance to make the difference on the field. Not only it would give them back some credibility in the eyes of the league. But more importantly, les Bleus can gain some credibility for themselves.

This team knows exactly what it can and cannot do. It understands its mental, tactical and physical limitations but has a strong grasp on its strengths. We have seen the Impact master its art and this Saturday is the right time to do so.

Don't depend on Toronto FC

Toronto FC could beat the Chicago Fire this weekend while you hope that the Impact beats the Philadelphia Union. Toronto FC could definitely roll over and let the Impact beat them at BMO field for the last game of the MLS season.

After you have finished reading those 2 sentences, you know exactly how crazy that sounded, at least to hope for it. The Montreal Impact need to take control of its destiny and always remember

(*) Its strengths

(*) Its limitations

(*) Its mentality throughout the game

If you cannot do it, maybe you were never supposed to go to the next level.

Prove everyone wrong it for yourself, not anyone else.