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Interview with Marco Schällibaum's agent: Gaetano Giallanza

Gaetano Giallanza, Marco Schällibaum’s agent and advisor, graciously answered my questions about the new head coach of the Montreal Impact.

An Italian born in Switzerland, Gaetano Giallanza was a professional player for 15 years. He then went into sport management with "Giallanza Sport" (website under construction) especially in football , a world he knows well.

Specializing in Switzerland, Gaetano Giallanza manages players abroad and also help to place coaches, including Marco Schällibaum.


Sofiane Benzaza: how was the initial contact is made between Marco Schällibaum and the Montreal Impact?

Gaetano Giallanza: I have a relationship with Nick de Santis and he asked me, as per an accurate profile, to find a coach.

SB: Were there any existing affinities between both sides with Felipe Martins and Dennis Iapichino already in Montreal?

GG: Yes, luckily, he coached both players at Lugano.

SB: With a technical profile (coaching + experience) but with only experience in Switzerland, were there any fears not to accept to go a North American adventure in MLS?

GG: No, not at all! That the life of a coach. Marco is happy to have the confidence of the club and for him it is a great challenge. And there are many coaches who go abroad.

SB: Apart from any financial aspect, in your opinion, what were the benefits of the city of the Montreal and the Montreal Impact for Marco Schällibaum?

GG: From the club's infrastructure and passion , including its fans, they lack of nothing and the club's ambition to go very far. And this is a club that has a great history and its builders are still there.

About [Montreal], it is a great city in which nothing is missing.

SB: Is there a staff that usually accompanies Marco Schällibaum during his career as a coach? Does this apply to the Montreal Impact as well?

GG: No, because with Mauro Biello, there will be someone that knows the club, the staff and the MLS. And the rest of the staff is already in place. Having met the rest of the staff , Marco very happy.


Gaetano Giallanza also shared during our interview, the'' good feeling'' that he and Marco Schällibaum had with Nick De Santis and Joey Saputo throughout the process.

As a coach, Mr. Giallanza described his client as a '' soccer passionate'' with a full commitment to achieve the goals of the club.'' As a person, we are talking about a '' nice person, available and human , who wears his heart on this sleeve''

I would like to thank Gaetano Gallianza for taking the time to talk to me and share some information about the new head coach of the Montreal Impact.