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How do you feel about the Impact after hiring Marco Schällibaum as Head Coach? [Poll]

Today, the Montreal Impact has the head coach position filled and can now plan the details of its preseason, formation, player personnel and more.

Felipe Martins approves the move
Felipe Martins approves the move
Richard Wolowicz

It's an understatement to say that many Montreal Impact fans , observers and media were awaiting the signing of the 2nd head coach in the Montreal Impact's MLS history. Marco Schällibaum fits the profile that club has dsecribed very precisely since the search was on:

- Multilingual coach: Schällibaum speaks English, French, Italian and German.

- Technical experience: He was appointed by FIFA as a coaching instructor (In Qatar, Mongolia and South Korea) and also also has his UEFA Pro coaching certification (2002) . Even if the Swiss League is not the most glamorous league, it still has clubs regularly present in UEFA competitions on a regular basis.

Felipe Martins approves of his ex-head coach, whom he played for at FC Lugano

But what do you think?