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2013 MLS Supplemental Draft : Forwards and Depth?

The 2013 MLS Supplemental Draft is happening today at 2pm EST. The Montreal Impact have the 8th, 27th,46th,47th and 65th pick.

Not as sexy or as covered as the MLS SuperDraft , the Supplemental still holds some quality but it all depends whether teams are interested in having more depth, fill their rosters or look for forgotten ''rougher' 'gems to bolster their rosters.

A look at some potentially interesting picks for the Montreal Impact, with a focus on offensive depth.

Will Bates - FWD - Virginia

Compared to big strong forwards like Conor Casey, his injury history (ACL) also resembles the ex-Rapids striker. With 46 goals in 77 games with Virginia , his numbers will definitevely get attention from teams, including the Impact. His physical profile (6-0/180lbs) makes him a big target and attractive for teams looking to spread the scoring.

Ashton Bennett, FWD, Coastal Carolina

He has shown speed and scoring abilities at the MLS Combine but was not selected in the frist 2 rounds at the SuperDraft. Being available at the Supplemental Draft could be a deal for most teams but his international status might scare away a few teams with little spots left.

Jose Gomez, MF, Creighton

Smart midfielder was passed on in the SuperDraft, probably for not being physical enough. He might fit the Montreal Impact passing style of play. If he was passed on for not being physical enough and too ''technical'', then a team looking for talent in creating offense should definitely pick him up Can he play in the next level against men, where barely inches of space are given to distribute the ball.

MF Uwem Etuk, West Virginia

You can never have enough players that cna play on the left side. His athleticism and fitness have been his biggest strengths with lacking technical skills to be MLS ready right away. He is slotted to become a left-back of his defensive awareness gets better or maybe as a outside back / wing-back.