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Montreal Impact vs New York Red Bulls U16/U18 Academies face each other in USSDA League

On a rainy and cold day at Complexe Sportif Claude-Robillard, the Impact and Red Bulls U16/U18 Academies faced off back to back.

US Soccer

It was cold, wet and slippery for both teams and between 50 to 75 people attended the games to support the young players of the future for the Montreal Impact.

The Impact U18 team played first at 12:45 EST and lost on a score of 4-1 to the Red Bulls in a game that saw some good and some bad from the Impact.

The U16 teams are facing each other at 2:45 PM EST and the game is ongoing as we speak.

Stay tuned for the final results, scores and quotes from both games, right here at Mount Royal . You can follow the stream and get your updates here.