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Montreal Impact vs New York Red Bulls U16 in USSDA action: 4-0 for the Red Bulls

The second game of the back to back Impact-Red Bulls series saw the U16 sides face off at 14:45 EST at Complexe Sportif Claude-Robillard. Same end game as the Montreal Impact lost but a different type game for the U16 with similar lessons.

For sure it's adjusting. The reason why we came to this league was to get a quality competition every week. Today, we probably saw the best. I am proud of the way the boys competed, tried to play but now they know [what we want from them]

Jason Di Tullio, Montreal Impact U16 Head Coach

The U16 played 45 minutes after the U18 lost 4-1 to their Red Bulls counterpart. The beginning was quite exciting with a back and forth tempo as both were going at it with counter attacks and quick passes. The Red Bulls were extremely efficient and showed some maturity beyond their years in how cohesive they were.

The Impact U16 were also a strong unit and really kept their lines tight and closed as many gaps as they could from the overlapping Red Bulls full backs. Usually, games at that age category are more entertaining to watch and if you add good technical quality from U16s, it was more than interesting to watch.

How to adjust off the field and help younger players cope with a 4-0 loss

The players that we have, including the coaching staff and the whole organisation, are very competitive people. our main objective is for these players to become soccer players and for one day play for our club, our first team. For sure it's though for them to see a 4-0 score and read about it tomorrow, but it's part of their development and it can make them stronger. It won't be everyone but we have a good group and it's the beginning for us.

About himself

Like all our players, we are here to improve. I will look at ourselves, how we are training, our decisions. I will put the players in the best situation to be successful. We are responsible for them and we want to make sure are in the best shape and form for their big test on the weekend.