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Three Down, Two To Go: The Montreal Impact close to naming New Head Coach

Joey Saputo's twitter feed earlier today

The club's owner and president is ready to make , with his technical staff, the final decision on whom will be the next Montreal Impact Head Coach. The process started with 28 CVs/Candidates downn to 5 candidates as per the initial statement from the club . The names of Martin Adermatt and Pierluigi Casiraghi are still floating around but neither seem to be officially bilingual (French and English) but that is to be confirmed.

A bilingual head coach with pro-team and academy experience (at least a link between both) is the profile that the Montreal Impact have set to find. This might narrow down the list to a francophone head coach from France or Switzerland for example but that also would make the selection very narrow.

Is Mauro Biello included in the final two candidates or was his candidature never considered this time around?