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Next Montreal Impact Head Coach Must Be Bilingual Among Other Criterias

The Montreal Impact have just released an update on its search for its 2nd head coach in its short MLS history.

I doubt that Lippi would need to go through a second interview.
I doubt that Lippi would need to go through a second interview.
Claudio Villa/ Grazia Neri

The unsigned statement was released on Friday December 21st to give some insight and details on where the Montreal Impact is in its process.

First There Were 28

Then the list was narrowed to 5 CVs. No specific names have come out as being officially considered for the job even if names like Enzo Concina, Valerio Garzola and Martin Andermatt have been linked. All of the 5 final candidates will be (or already are/did) going through a second meeting.

Bilingual Requirement

The Bilingual was a surprising one to see, not that it is contrary to the reality of Montreal and the province of Quebec. The surprising aspect of it was it has become so quickly a mandatory criteria to become the Montreal Impact head coach. Hopefully, that is not a solely PR move to please the crowds and the media as the club needs competencies and experience before anything else.

Keeping Everyone In The Loop

The good news is that an update was provided to the club to all interested parties about where it as to hire a head coach. With the list narrowed down to 5, it must probably mean that list is even smaller as the club opens up its training camp in mid-January in Montreal.

The full press release below

A few hours after the departure of Jesse Marsch, the Montreal Impact went to work on finding its new head coach for Year 2 in MLS.

Even though the club has remained fairly quiet on the coaching front over the last few weeks, the search is making solid progress.

Scrutinizing 28 coaching CVs that came in from all different corners of the globe, a few candidates met with the club's technical staff for a second time.

The situation is well in hand, but the management wants to take the time necessary to make the best choice.

Searching for a coach that would complement the club's philosophy, it will be essential that the new bench boss be able to work on a daily basis with other members of the technical staff, the first team and the Academy, but he must also be able to develop a natural chemistry within the group. The new head coach must speak English and French.

At the same time last year, Impact president Joey Saputo was promising supporters a Designated Player, but reminded all that the conditions had to be the right ones. A few months later, forward Marco Di Vaio touched down in Montreal.

A few days before the New Year, supporters need to be patient and have faith in the organization, which has always acted in the best interest of the club and for the growth of soccer in Quebec.