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Mauro Biello & Marco Di Vaio Conference Call : Quotes, Bologna FC, Interim and 2013

Interim head coach Mauro Biello in Italy and Marco Di Vaio were part of a conference call today, 24 hours before the international friendly against Bologna FC.

Roberto Serra/Iguana Press

Mauro Biello and Marco Di Vaio joined the conference call and fielded a few questions from the media press and Mount Royal Soccer was present (by phone of course).

Mauro Biello

  • About the games in Italy:

Knowing that we didn't make the playoffs, it was important to stay in shape, 2 weeks after the season. We have 2 excellent high caliber games and we hope to perform well.

  • When asked about his approach for the next 2 weeks in Italy as an interim head coach

Especially with the changes we made. It's important that we focus and concentrate on what we have to do on the field with 2 important games.

  • When asked about his personal approach as interim coach:

I will not make big changes with the team.I have my own methods and try to implement them slowly but my focus is to work hard to prepare the team the best possible.

  • When asked about the Impact (no puns) of the coaching change:

It was a bit of surprise for everyone..[..].... but you have to focus on things you can control and not worry on things you can't control.

  • When asked about his readiness to take over on a permanent basis:

I will try to prove that I have those qualities and do well while I am interim head coach. Maybe I will be considered in the future...

  • When asked whether 2013 was too early for him to become the head coach


  • When asked about what tactical schema will he be using against Bologna FC:

We looked at the last 3 games of Bologna and expect a difficult game. They might play a different system[as per Marco Di Vaio ]. The message to the players is to be well organised and be better collectively and defensively. I did not want to change a lot.

Mauro Biello also confirms that the Montreal Impact will play a 4-2-3-1 against Bologna.

  • About being in his position under the circumstances [Jesse Marsch parting ways with the club]

Its not a easy was a surprise for everyone. In my case, I see it as an opportunity to show my qualities and it won't be easy.

  • About the spirit within the team/players

The spirit is good ...Its normal to see mixed emotions when big changes come. Its part of sports but its unfortunate that it didn't work out between the Impact and Marsch. Players need to continue to prepare like professionals and not focus on things they cant change.

They can only control their performances

Marco Di Vaio

  • About coming back home, the reception he already received and what he expects tomorrow from Bologna FC fans:

I am very happy. I saw all my ex-teammates and the president. I spent 4 years there and its good for me [about coming back] . I didn't know that I was coming back to Bologna with the Impact [when he joined Montreal]. Its important for the team and the possibility of playing 2 good games will help the team.

  • About the Montreal Impact coaching change:

it is a big change for us. Its difficult for the team.

  • About the alleged bad relations between the Italians players and Jesse Marsch, that might have triggered his departure

The relations between player and coach were regular. They [the players] worked well together and they worried about their own job. The issue was with the philosophical differences between the management staff and the coach.

We have nothing to do in running the team. Joey Saputo is very passionate about the team and wants the team to win.

  • About Jesse Marsch not wanting to answer questions about relationship with Marco di Vaio and Alessandro Nesta

You have to ask Jesse that question. We did not have any problems with Jesse Marsch.