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Four players on trial join the Montreal Impact in Florence

As announced earlier by colleague at and , Nick Sabetti, four players have joined the Montreal Impact in Italy.

Dino Panato

Among the four trialists,

(*) Nicolas Cordova (Brescia), Henrique Cornelio Bem (SC Kriens) and Andrea Pisanu (Bologna)

(*) Forward Oussama Essabr (Crotone, on loan from Juventus)

All 4 players have joined the team in Florence. With 3 midfielders and 1 forward, the portoflio of players matchs what Nick De Santis pointed out in the team`s post mortem as per spots that needed to be filled.

Nicolas Cordova (Brescia)

The Chilean midfielder has a very interesting profile with some more than decent Serie A and Serie B experience under his belt. Nicolas is represented by Hugo Rubi of PassBall, a Chilean FIFA agent who was also an ex-player in the Chilean League in the 90's. Known clients represented by PassBall include Luis Jimenez (ex-Inter Milan and currently in Dubai's Al-Ahly) and Diego Rubio of Sporting Lisbon.

2001-2002 PERUGIA CALCIO Serie A 11 Games
2001/2002 F.C. CROTONE Serie B 14 Games
2002-2003 A.S. BARI Serie B 25 Games
2003-2004 A.S. BARI Serie B 39 Games
2004-2005 A.S. LIVORNO Serie A 5 Games
2001/2005 ASCOLI CALCIO Serie B 8 Games
2005-2006 ASCOLI CALCIO Serie A 4 Games
2006-2007 MESSINA Serie A 23 Games
2007-2008 MESSINA Serie B 37 Games
2008-2009 U.S. GROSSETO Serie B 32 Games
2009-2010 F.C. PARMA Serie A 0 Games
2001/2010 BRESCIA CALCIO Serie B 12 Games
2010-2011 BRESCIA CALCIO Serie A 21 Games
2011-2012 BRESCIA CALCIO Serie B 18 Games

Henrique Cornelio Bem (SC Kriens)

Not a lot of information on the Brazilian midfielder. He seems to be tagged as a versatile midfielder as he is described as defensive and offensive. His contract is set to expire on June 30th 2013.

On the SC Kriens website, he does say this about his role models and motto:

Role model when he was younger: Fenomeno Ronaldo, Ronaldinho Gaucho

Role model now: Andrew Pirlo

Motto: God is Faithful / We must believe in God

Andrea Pisanu (Bologna)

As well indicated by @SoccerPlusfr, Andrea Pisanu and Marco Di Vaio share the same agent: Federico Pastorello. During his 5 years at Parma, the midfielder played 82 games between 2004 and 2010. He left for Bologna in 2010 and then to Patro in the summer of 2011.

Oussama Essabr (Crotone, on loan from Juventus)

The young Moroccan forward was with Juventus B team but has never played with the A team. He has since joined FC Crotone only to come back to Juventus this season. His trial with the Montreal Impact could be a chance for him to see his professional career get a kick start.