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Joey Saputo about Enzo Concina being a candidate: '' Way Off''

Montreal Impact owner and president Joey Saputo just casted a definitive cloud of doubt on the latest head coach rumor. It seems that the Enzo Concina news is just a rumor, at least as per Joey Saputo '' way off''.

Vittorio Zunino Celotto

It is interesting to see the definitive answer from the Impact owner/president on the potential Concina candidature as his statement could not clearer. At this point, it does not reflect (yet) if the Impact is close to signing its 2nd MLS head coach. Could this be part of ''smoke and mirrors'' tactic to deflect attention away? The added value to do so is not very tangible or there to do so.

Still with just over a month before the end of year, the timeline for the Montreal Impact is not necessarily tight even with the 2013 MLS Super Draft coming up. What has come up from different pings around the Montreal Impact is that club will not be taking the American coach route this time around and is looking for the ''European'' profile in its new head coach. As per draft choices and scouting, Matt Jordan (Director of Soccer Operations) is handling this department with an obvious consensus with the management staff. But a new ''Euro-Style'' coach would not necessarily need to be hands-on during that process, a process unknown in Europe. The ability of scouting and evaluating young men is not exclusive to a draft system though.

As Mauro Biello positioned himself during the Italian post-season tour, the ex-Impact star player and interim head coach might still be considered as a viable solution by management (Nick De Santis & Joey Saputo).