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2013 MLS Draft: Montreal Impact to pick 8th overall

After having finished 8th in the 2012 MLS season, the Montreal Impact get to eight overall pick in the 2013 MLS SuperDraft in Indianopolis.

Jamie Squire

In recent yearr in Major League Soccer, the 9 clubs that did not qualify for the playoffs will receive picks #1 through #9 , in reverse order of points accumulated in the season. With the 8th overall pick, the Montreal Impact can still get an interesting college player or use it as trade bait.

The Montreal Impact also hold another 1st round pick via the Brian Ching trade to the Houston Dynamo. The trade included an automatic first round pick if Brian Ching plays a certain number of games. The number 20 was mentioned as the trigger for the 1st round pick but we will get confirmation whether it was 20 games played or started for the MLS veteran.

It's either another 1st round pick between the 16th and 19th spot or a 2nd round pick. As per the exact spot for Houston's 1st pick, it will depend on how far Houston goes into the playoffs but at this point, the 18th or 19th spot seems more likely.

1. Toronto FC (23 pts)
2. Chivas USA (30 pts)
3. Portland Timbers (34 pts)
4. New England Revolution (35 pts)
5. Philadelphia Union (36 pts)
6. Colorado Rapids (37 pts)
7. FC Dallas (39 pts)
8. Montreal Impact (49 pts)
9. Columbus Crew (52 pts)

What can a 8th overall pick in MLS get you? Andrew Jean-Baptiste was picked by the Portland Timbers but at #9 the Chicago Fire selected the excellent defender Austin Berry.