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CF Montréal News Updates: Kone, Miller Quotes and much more!

A good recap!

MLS: CF Montreal at Toronto FC Dan Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

CF Montréal is flying high after the huge win away vs Toronto FC this past week. A fantastic 4-3 win that made it a near death knell for the red team. Stars like Kamal Miller, Victor Wanyama, Djordje Mihailovic, Kei Kamara and more really showed up in the win.

A great video on the win here as well:

Today we have the pieces of news to update you on as the news never stops. Let’s dive straight in!

1 Ismael Kone still getting much interest abroad

Several Bundesliga sides are alleged join the race for the young phenom as has been reported by Fab Romano. They would joi several Championship sides like Sheffield United and Norwich City who did make real offer and Kone was almost in with Sheffield. It will be very interesting to see who ends up paying the amount CFM want and which situation will be the best for him. It could be the Bundesliga.

2 Kamal Miller wants more respect

In a presser that sent some shockwaves around the league, Miller, CFM’s star defender and Canadian National Team player, had some choice words on the framing of the match on Sunday:

“We felt pretty disrespected that going into this game, all of the questions from media were asking how we were going to cope with TFC when they should have been asking how TFC is going to cope with us.”

That was just a bit of the fair criticisms as that was the framing and one that had to have many CFM players and staff less than thrilled since it is Montréal not Toronto who are second in the East. Good on Miller for calling it out.

3 National Praise for Wilfried Nancy and Olivier Renard

A front runner for the Coach of the Year, Nancy has done really well as has Renard who has creatively put a really solid and well functioning team considering the financial limitations in a salary cap league. Add some good results on a big stage like this past Sunday was and we are seeing more praise for this duo and their players. All of whom deserve that credit.