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Il reste: Olivier Renard has new deal to stay as Technical Director

A good deal as continuity here is important.


CF Montréal announces new agreement with Olivier Renard

From the presser:

CF Montréal announced on Thursday the signing of a new agreement with Olivier Renard, extending for an indefinite period his mandate as head of the technical team. He will now serve as Vice-President and Chief Sporting Officer and will sit on the organization’s executive committee. He will continue to report directly to Gabriel Gervais.

As part of his duties, Olivier remains responsible for recruiting, signing and supervising players, as well as managing the first-team’s salary mass. The entire technical team, which includes the coaching staff, technical staff, therapy staff and doctors, will continue to report to him. He will also continue to oversee the activities of the Club’s Academy.

A good deal all around and while the length was not disclosed we can imagine it’s at least a couple years. Renard has done a great job signing U.S. and Canadian internationals and strengthening the team that way has proved a successful venture.

Add the decision to keep Wilfried Nancy after a quick departure by Thierry Henry and he’s done more than a solid job.

Let’s hope it leads to stronger club and some hardware!