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One Key Piece Missing in Canada’s Men’s National Team Labor Discussion

Where are the numbers?

Soccer: CONCACAF Nations League Soccer-Canada at USA Reinhold Matay-USA TODAY Sports

In the latest twist to the Canadian Men’s work stoppage is their return! As the players released a statement, they will be back to training and playing it would seem.

Still, further context as Mr. Galindo provides here, this is far from solved:

Other reports had Canadian leadership literally begging for a deal to be reached. Which brings me to the key piece missing in these discussion, what is the pot of money that will be distributed? We have to keep in mind that it all flows together and has to support the Men’s, Women’s, academy, grassroots, and infrastructure. It’s why that piece has to be disclosed as the percentages everyone varies hugely as the money increases as it very clearly will with the Men in the World Cup this Winter.

Has there been a huge discussion around mismanagement by officials in the Canadian Federation? Yes. So keep that in mind, as we don’t have a clear picture, yet.

We also have to mention that unlike the Women’s side, the Men have no labor lawyer/leadership and are flying alone n this one for now.

A muddy landscape as we see where it will lead.

What have you thought about the